Since 2017, Living Hope has been sending members on on mission trips to Brazil. These trips are focused on visiting a small town called Coivaras in the state of Piaui. It’s an extremely poor area where Jesus has not been shared and Bibles are scarce. It’s been our honor to witness to this community in various ways.

  While in Brazil, we have nightly services in different community settings, provide Bible Schools for children, make door-to-door visits sharing the gospel of Christ, and work with Pastor Jardel and his wife Regis to visit members and prospective members to help build the church. Our church members sing or give testimonies and Bro. Darrell preaches sermons (with a translator) in hopes that what we share will lead someone to Christ.

   Our church has also given monetary donations to help acquire land and build a building in which they are now worshiping! They decided to name their new church Living Hope Baptist Church of Coivaras after our church here.  

   Several members of our church have given donations to help provide homes with Portuguese Bibles or Portuguese bookmarks. These are so needed, and the people love to receive them. 

   We hope to return in October or November of 2020. There is much work to do there. We would love for our members to be a part of this mission as well as any of our other missions.