Beginning at 9:00 am we have age and experience graded Bible study opportunities for everyone.
You can join any class without being a member of the church.
*We also have small groups who meet from time to time for discipleship and encouragement in various subjects.
We currently have a ladies small group who meets every two weeks, and a men’s small group who meets once a week.

Hill 5:14 YOUTH MINISTRY: Grades 6th – 12th
Youth Ministry exists to reach students with the Gospel, teach them Biblical truth, encourage
them to live a lifestyle of worship and prayer, and challenge them to share their faith boldly.
Each month the youth have activities that keep them “plugged in” to the Word of God and surrounded by Christian people and Christian values as well as being involved with various mission projects within the church and community.

Children are a blessing and an awesome responsibility. We want to make positive memories for the children that come to church while helping their parents provide a balanced and sound spiritual foundation in which they can grow.
We have Sunday School (9:00am) and Children’s Church during the preaching on Sunday mornings as well as TeamKIDS on Wed. Nights.
Nursery services are provided for infants-young toddlers.

Prayer meetings take place on Tuesday nights 6am, and Saturday evenings at 6pm..

Community Groups
We have community groups that meet in homes and in our church through the week.  These groups are a great way to get to know more people as well as grow in your relationship with Christ.

In fulfilling the “Great Commission”, we support missions local and abroad, and provide many opportunities for personal involvement.
(weekly visitation/outreach, ministering to MLK elementary teachers/staff, various mission projects, mission trips)

*Please call our church office if you have questions about any of our ministires or if you would like additional information.*