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Questions about Two Services

As we have started to talk about Living Hope moving to 2 services in the fall we have encountered some ligetimate questions about how this will work.  When we brought this before the church we had a good idea of the need of going to 2 services and the bare bones of what it minimally needed to accomplish (doubling our worship and Sunday School space) but we still hadn’t fleshed out every detail about how it would work logistically.  So we would like to quickly assure everyone we have heard your questions and we would like to answer them.  Here are the top 5 questions we have heard about how 2 services will work at Living Hope and hopefully some satisfactory answers.

Q: Are our Sunday School Teachers going to teach twice?

A: NO.  Absolutely not.  We will have our teachers teach in one hour and then worship in the other hour.  If a teacher is teaching in the 1st hour (9am) they will go to worship in the 2nd hour (10:30am).  We want everyone to be able to attend worship….More on that later!

Q: Will this fix our parking problem?

A:  Yes and No.  No, going to 2 services will not fix the problem but we do plan on fixing the parking by trying to add about 40 extra parking spaces.  This fix will allow us to have around 300 or so people attending before we need to add any more parking.  It will be a temporary fix but we will have this in place before we go to 2 services in August.

Q: Why can’t we do an 8am service, Sunday School at 9:30 and then worship at 10:30?

A:  This was seriously considered.  When we looked at it we wanted to prioritize the space we need for Sunday School.  We are currently operating with zero extra Sunday School rooms and with 4 Sunday School classes that are literally busting out of their rooms.  We have literally had people told them that they can’t go to Sunday School because they are claustrophobic and it is too crowded.  NOT GOOD. So 2 services with 2 Sunday Schools running at the same time fixes both those problems without having to spend any money (other than parking).  So while 8 – 9:30 – 10:30 might be a good option we believe that the 2 Services and Sunday School at 9 and 10:30 is the best option.

Q: Will our Sunday School Class have to “split up”?

A: No.  We won’t make any Sunday School classes “split up.” There will be some classes who will begin meeting at 9am and some will move to 10:30am. The priorities in these times will be to try and let families worship together.  We do not currently have enough children in our Sunday School classes to have 2 separate children Sunday School hours and so we will need to put the children at the 9am hour for Sunday School.  This means that the Sunday School classes whose teachers and members have connection to Children will be meeting at the 9am hour.  We will be asking our other classes to move to 10:30 to accommodate them.  If you have questions whether this includes your class just ask Pastor Darrell or Pastor Joe and they will be able to help you know when  your class will be able to meet.

That being said, some people may decide to change Sunday School classes because they would rather go to the other hour.  That is certainly possible and it is ok. We don’t want to tell anyone at which hour they can or cannot worship.  As for children in the second hour, we will have our Children’s Church meeting at the second worship hour.

Q: How long will this last?  In other words.  What is next if we continue to grow?

A: TBD.  Honestly we have ideas but nothing concrete.  This fix of 40 more parking spots and 2 Services and Sunday Schools should get us to 300.  Currently we are running about 230 and we hope that it will increase from between now and August but with a total of about 150 parking spots that will conservatively hold 300.  2 services will fix our inside space but will need to do a another parking fix at around the 300 mark.  After that, if we continue to grow there will need to be even bigger changes but what those are, we are unsure of yet.  Again, we have ideas but nothing solid yet.


Hopefully this helps.  Keep the questions coming.  And get excited about what God is doing in and through our Church!


If you would like to hear the entire Q&A session last night.  It is recorded here.


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