Grace and truth in Ruth

Acts: To the Ends of the Earth

Knowing God in us

Come join us as we walk through Old Testament prophecies that point to Christ’s coming and beholding our King as we are reminded about His coming to earth!

Have you ever felt empty and dry?  Have you ever felt that God is so far away that even He can’t hear you when you call?  Come join us in this Sermon series where we look at what personal Spiritual Revival looks like and how we can earnestly seek for it in our lives.

There are so many in this world that think they are on the throne of their lives.  They think they are in control and that their ultimate reality is defined internally.  Come walk through Daniel 7-12 with us as we see a God who is above all things and reigns from His throne on high!

As we approach the Christmas season let’s look at the prophecies that told the world that the Messiah was on His way!

Living in a world that is against Jesus Christ is extremely difficult.  How can we hope both to win the world for Christ and live apart from the world in righteousness?  Daniel and other Godly characters in Daniel 1-6 give us a pattern to do just that. As they live Godly lives in the ungodly city of Babylon they show us it is possible with the Lord’s help.  Their examples also point us to the one who will bring the Kingdom of God to supplant the city of man.

One of the most difficult things to know for believers is whether they are saved or not.  Many believers can waffle between absolute certainty to absolute despair over this one question.  But the the Lord has not left us with no answers in this regard.  He has given us His word in order to give light to the answer to this question.  Come and search the scriptures with us to know the answer to the most important question you have ever asked.  “Am I in Christ or not?”

2,000 years ago, a small group of ordinary men turned the world upside down in an extraordinary way.  A movement that began with eleven men grew to over 3,000 people in a day.  In the next 300 years, that movement would grow to over 30,000,000 people.  Staggering numbers like this beg the question, “How in the world did that happen?”….  They went!


Do you want to have the most joy and happiness possible? Well Paul gives us how to do just that and here is the secret...It isn't about you! Come join us for this great sermon series through the letter to the Philippians as we pursue Joy at any cost...even death.


We desperately want our church, city, county, state, and country to experience true, God-wrought revival. The Lord moved in a powerful way during our August revival and we pray that you will be moved also as you listen to these series of meetings.


We live in a day that no one cares about anything solid. In Christianity everything that matters is solid and inflexible so it is of the utmost importance that we know what we believe about these most important things. Join us as we discuss who God is, what the gospel is, and why Doctrine Matters.


From the Creation, to the Fall, to God's people being chosen, Genesis is one of the most theologically rich, narratively interesting, and God-centered books in all of scripture. Join us as we journey alongside some of the Old Testament saints to see how we are to live a life of reckless pursuit of God.


So often Christianity is accused of being a religion that dulls happiness, and strips people's fun out of life. Join us as we argue the exact opposite. Only in Christ can you find boundless Joy and happiness. He is the root of it all!