Summit Wednesday Night Children’s Program




Just in case you have missed it big things are happening in the Children’s ministry!  This week starts off our new Wednesday Night programming for children ages 2 all the way up through 5th grade.  It is called Summit and the children will be learning Who God is and What he has done for us.  Because this is all new there are some things you might want to know about what will be going on.


  1. Take them to their classes not the fellowship hall.  On Wednesday nights, in the past, we have taken all of the children that aren’t in nursery to the fellowship hall and had a meal.  We won’t be doing that any more.  When you bring your kids go straight to their Wed. Night classrooms which are as follows.  2-3 year olds are in their Sunday School class upstairs.  4-5 year olds will be in room 109, K-2nd will be in room 110 and 3-5th will be in room 105.  All of those classes except the 2-3 year olds will be downstairs. And of course we will still have nursery for 0-2 years old.
  2. Pickup will be a little different as well.  K-5th will end their evenings with a  time of singing.  They will do this in room 104.  When you go to pick them up they won’t be in their classes but I promise they won’t be hard to find.  Just follow the sounds of singing, fun and laughter and that is where they will be!  2-5 year olds will be exactly where you left them.
  3. There will be things for you to do at home!  You might call this homework but hopefully it will be the kind of homework you can really have fun with.  At home I want to encourage you to have conversations with your child about what they are learning, what they are bringing home, and if we are doing our job right you won’t have to pull teeth to get answers.  Alongside talking to them we want to encourage you to sing with them.  In your car, at home with dance parties (at least that is how we do it in the Hussung home), any time you get the chance sing the songs we will be learning.  All of the songs for this year can be found on 3 albums.
    1. The-Ology by Sovereign Grace – This album has our theme song “The God of Wow” which the video can be found below!
    2. Seeds of Worship “Seeds of Praise” and “Seeds of Courage” – These can be found in the iTunes store.  You can buy the entire albums or just the songs we are learning at the time.  All of their scripture memory will be done through these songs because they are all word for word scripture.
    3. Here is an iTunes playlist with all of the songs for the year.  If you have apple music you can download them but you can also purchase the songs through iTunes as well.
      1. This is the playlist for 2-5 year olds
      2. This is the playlist for K-5th grade
  4. Come because your children will love and they will learn about Christ!  We want everyone at Living Hope to know that this will teach their children about how great a God we have.  It will be fun and exciting.  We want to invite everyone to come and enjoy the fun.

Attached at the bottom you will find a list of the lessons we will be teaching, and a schedule so you can see how the time will be broken down.

We’ll see you this Wednesday night.

K-5th Grade Schedule

2yrs – 5yrs old Schedule