Living HOpe Baptist Church

Sunday School

The purpose of our Sunday School is to instruct, equip, and connect believers. Through these classes, we hope that believers will grow in their understanding of the Bible, that they would be equipped to know, live for, and serve God, and that they would develop relationships with other believers in the church. These classes meet on Sunday mornings at both of our campuses

Eagle Way Campus (9 am):

Golden Circle

Teacher: Eddie Yoakum

This class walks through books of the Bible using the "Explore the Bible" curriculum.

Room: 208

Beloved Class

Teacher: Angie Crawford

This women's class walks through books of the Bible.

Room: 211

Young Adult Class

Teacher: James Hargrove

This class is for Young Adults and walking through a study on the book of Matthew.

Room: 216

Living & learning

Teacher: Toby Hudson

This class is a walking through the Workbook "Knowing the Living God" by Paul Washer. It is a study of the attributes of God. 

Room: 207

Growing more in Christ

Teacher: Pastor Brad White

This class is will work through the book study "Studying the Holy Scriptures" by Paul Washer. It's focus is how to read and study the Bible

Room: 101

Asking, Seeking, Knocking

Teacher: Jason Bottoms

This class walks through books of the Bible  using the "Gospel Project" curriculum. 

Room: 110

Calvary Campus (10:30 am):

Louie Lewis' Class

Teacher: Louie Lewis

This class walks through books of the Bible.

Room: Fellowship Hall

Expositional Sunday School CLASS

Teacher: Jeremy Saturley  

This class is an interactive class walking through the book of Jude.

Room: 103

Kingdom Seekers

Teacher: Tom Hickey

This class walks through books of the Bible using the “Explore the Bible” curriculum.

Room: Behind the Room in the Sanctuary. (Left) 


Teacher: Kent Workman

This class examines foundational beliefs and practices of the Christian faith.

Room: TBD

Christian Basics

Teacher: Mike Workman

This class walking through basics of the Christian faith, studying topics such as the Gospel, explaining Christianity, and how to study the Bible. 

 Room: Behind the stage in the sanctuary. (Right) 

Youth Sunday School

Teacher: Rory Davis

This class is walking through "The Gospel Project" and is for youth grades 6 - 12. 

Room: 105

Women's Sunday School

Teacher: Kim Johnson

This class is for women of all ages. The class will be using the "Gospel Project" curriculum

Room: 101