Youth Ministry

Students of Hope

The Youth ministries of Living Hope Baptist Church exist to evangelize youth as we recognize that not every youth has come to faith in Jesus Christ. It also exists to make disciples, leading those who are in Christ to a deeper understanding of the Triune God and the Christian Life.

Sunday School

At Living Hope students are taught using a Christ-centered, chronological Bible study called the Gospel Project.

Wednesday Nights

On Wednesday nights, students walk through the books of the Bible and also participate in a youth led worship service.

Special Events

We have special events throughout the year for our students, including summer camp, hang-outs, and opportunities to serve. 

Students of Hope

Living Hope Baptist Church is dedicated to the sound teaching of the Holy Scriptures. It is the conviction of the church and its pastors that each age group should be spiritually fed with the teaching and exposition of Scripture. Below, one can find the convictions, the expectations, and the vision of Students of Hope.


Living Hope Baptist Church takes seriously the teaching of God’s Word. It is the vision of the church to provide its youth with sound teaching of the Bible. The teaching can be expected to be in depth, with Christ as the focal point. In addition to deep theology, one can also expect each lesson to be applicable to the lives of the youth. The pastors at Living Hope believe that the sin in the world and the sin in our lives can only be fought with biblical truths, therefore, the personal application of the text is priority in the teaching of the youth.


Living a life that is in close fellowship with other believers is needed for the health of the church. It is the vision of Living Hope Baptist Church to provide its youth with opportunities to develop and grow deep, Christian friendships. Living Hope Baptist Church sees value in activities throughout the year such as: church camps, mission trips, evangelism trainings, and other activities that the pastoral staff considers edifying. Though activities are valued and needed, they will not be the focal point of the youth groups. The pastors will prioritize the teaching of the Word of God over activities.


Living Hope Baptist Church is dedicated to its youth members. The pastoral staff believes that the members, no matter how young, are vital to the health of the church. Each member is needed and has been providentially placed in this specific church. Therefore, Living Hope Baptist Church holds to an integrationist view of youth ministry. We believe that by God’s design the church is to be intergenerational. We believe that the parents should be involved in organization, teaching, and planning activities for the youth. The pastoral staff will teach, urge, and give opportunities to our youth members to serve the church in a way that fits their God-given skills and gifts.


  1. Evangelism – We recognize that not every youth that comes to our church has placed faith in Christ. Therefore, we preach the Gospel to the youth of the Church.
  2. Discipleship – It is the job of the church to help lead those who are in Christ to a deeper understanding of the Triune God. We strive to teach the youth how to live a life that is in accordance to sound Biblical teaching and is compatible with the Christian worldview.